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Fashion for Men

The percentage of men using the services of a personal shopper has now increased to almost half of the services that female clients use. If you've not thought of using the services a personal shopper for you self or for "your man" yet, read on!


Questions that I often hear men asking are: But surely it’s a woman’s thing, right? There isn’t anything you can do with men’s clothes, is there? Can I really improve that much in one session or a few sessions?


Revenue from men’s fashion is increasing at an incredible rate each year and more and more men are getting more conscious and more interested in the way they look.


There’s nothing more important than the way you feel about yourself. Why should investing in something that makes you look and feel the best you can be thought about as a luxury?

Lots of different men at different stages in their lives are looking for a new work wardrobe that will help portray themselves in the right light so that they move up the career ladder. Others are looking for a smart casual wardrobe.

Whether you’re a new dad that works full time during the week and is on “daddy duty” on the weekends and feel like you look more like a scruffy student than a “cool dad” and/or if feel like you’re not moving up the career ladder as fast as you think you should (your clothes could be partially blamed! ...) a personal shopping session(s) would be perfect for you.

You will be amazed at how much you can achieve with a personal sthopper in half a day. You can come away with a whole new wardrobe in that time and that means that you can go without shopping for as long as six months (yes six!)….

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