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About Me

Sharmila has a flair and talent for helping others hone their personal style and lifestyle. To enable this, she finds the right clothes, jewelry and other accessories. This also transcends to home décor and ideas that match their personality, all within the right budget. Over the years, her friends and family have relied on her to help them face the daunting process of finding the right clothes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. 


In addition to the styling aspects, she helps them on personal development, which includes lifestyle coaching, motivating them on health, fitness, diet and other aspects for a healthy and happy living. Her formal master’s education and training in Exercise Physiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation coupled with her personal lifestyle and zeal for a hale, happy & healthy living provide her a solid foundation.


She launched SV Ideas, Inc. – SV stands for “Yes We” – based on the passion to enrich the life of her clients. She uses her love of “affordable” fashion, her flair and eye of simple and neat combinations, formal education and experiences to help her clients elevate their personal style along with day-to-day help for people who lead very a busy life, enrich their lifestyle.


Sharmila and SV Ideas, Inc. make this happen by being very conscious and working out a budget that fits the clients. The other key aspect that SV Ideas, Inc. is being very cognizant of the time constraint that clients have that Sharmila would have to work with. Sharmila is very particular and wants to make sure that her clients spend more quality time with the most precious people in their life by ensuring that their quality of life gets enriched by leading a very healthy and happy life.

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